Travel photography: Africa, travelling with a Leica and an iPad

Travel Photography: Africa, travelling with a Leica and an iPad

Travelling in Africa is my life condition. As a photographer, often, in a constant aesthetics search for aesthetics and communication, I have wondered which is the proper instrument for travel photography.
Generating memories, recalling instants to share when back home: this is what, at least partly, travel photography should be.
I am fascinated by the possibilities that photography offers to describe events and rewrite their meaning; light tools and agility while moving should be an integral part of this process.
Being lightweight means that, inevitably, you may move more freely and easily. It seems to me that sometimes people lose the sense of these needs, driven by the constant quest for the highest camera and for best quality… in my opinion the true essence of this visual survey is the account and story-telling melt together in the quality and particularity of light.
Therefore I’ve chosen to take photographs with a small compact Leica because Leica has been the forefather of the concept of handiness, rapidity and reliability; D-LUX 5 is a “true Leica”, as they like to write on the official website. Compact and intuitive to use, I’ve found it the perfect camera for different situations: during night safaris, with the cold light of dawn or under the powerful sunlight of Midday to tell moments and fragments “on the road”, the Vario-Summicron lens copes with the most critical light conditions. RAW files, 10.1 Mpx together with the HD 720p video function make it a surprising instrument that might have been the envy of XX century best photographers who, surely, had at their disposal less advanced tools. Weight: 270 grams.
For the tripod the most interesting solution is MANFROTTO Modosteady 585, because of its lightness and compactness, but also its versatility for photography as well as, in the case, for filming: it can be a donwright steady cam. Manfrotto Modo is indeed a multi-function stabilization system with a concept suitable for different case studies the most demanding travelers can meet with. Weight: 500 grams.
In the end the editing. Nowadays the iPad, with its software that allow to manage RAW files, for its long-lasting battery, the possibility to surf the web and upload photos online live, is a concentrate of technology managed just with one finger, able to make you forget, while travelling, the most powerful computers and renowned color management software. Weight: 613 grams.
With about 1,5 kg, accessories included, you have the possibility to describe your journey while backpacking, in the most remote regions of Africa, without the encumbrance and weight of reflex cameras, lenses and computers.
There’s also an ethical discourse I’d like to suggest: during a travel, showing off expensive cameras and lenses may sometimes lead to withdrawal from people, culture and that heritage of richness that, during a travel, should make a difference.
Enjoy your trip!

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