Mobile Photo Awards: GRAND PRIZE

Mobile Photo Awards: GRAND PRIZE

The GRAND PRIZE as voted on by the complete group of judges is INDIFFERENCE by Stefano Pesarelli – CONGRATS Stefano! An inspiring moment in time, a soulful and powerful image of innocence. The MPA is thrilled to announce this image as our first winner!

“Realities you know, stories “around the corner” are often the best source of inspiration for a photographer.
I was in Malawi, in a small village a few kilometers outside the capital city, Lilongwe, where I live. The rainy season was nearly over and the light perfect for a black and white photo.
Annine was playing with her doll made of mud, prepared with great care in details; Vero on the background was looking at me protecting herself with a cotton cloth that “recalled” the same pattern of Annine’s T-shirt. These were the elements that drove me to take pictures.
I stayed with them some time for some more shots.
Later, reading the words of an Italian writer, I noticed they were perfect to tell this shot.”
© Stefano Pesarelli

The indifference. “They have forgiven us for slavery, for colonialism, for apartheid. Will they be able to forgive us also for indifference?” [Ambrogio Borsani]

This picture belongs to “Africa through iPhone“, a wide photographic project tending to combine the reality and the stories of a continent with this new photographic language in order to create tangible and communicative images.”

This picture was taken with an iPhone 3 Gs.

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