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South Luangwa National Park: ISO 12800

Zambia, South Luangwa National Park.

Canon EOS 5D II + Canon EF300mm f/4L IS USM  1/400   f 4,0  -2EV ISO 12800

Manfrotto School of Xcellence: Into the black.

Manfrotto School of Xcellence: Into the black

At the limit of photography

The synch a photographer reaches with light is always a frail love/hate bond. Sometimes you can deceive this relationship to get the shot, but theory is very far from practice. Without light you have no photography and cannot catch the “moment”.
I was in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia during a night safari. My Canon was stable on my Manfrotto 498RC2 head and assembled on my Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 carbon and magnesium tripod to allow me to have reasonable exposure times in the darkness of the bush.
I needed the highest stability with light conditions “at the limit of photography”. Many years ago the sensitivity of films wouldn’t have allowed that shot, it would have been just a dream. Now, the possibility of increasing Iso and modern technologies of digital reflex cameras have made possible these pictures.
Bumping into a lion in the night is one of the most exciting moments of a safari, but you can certainly not stay with the lights of your 4×4 on for a long time, you have to save the batteries! Complete darkness is not a benefit for a photographer, I needed a little light at the right time.
When the lion started sniffing the air, probably because of the arrival of some hyenas in the area, I turned on the torch for a few seconds, a few moments that allowed me to “write” with light on the sensor and catch this portrait of a lion proud to defend his territory. © Stefano Pesarelli

Manfrotto School of Xcellence

Tanzania, Dar es Salaam: elezioni.

Tanzania, Dar es Salaam: elezioni. Masai al voto insieme a 20 milioni di aventi diritto.

Kenya, Masai Mara: la migrazione.

Kenya, Masai Mara: la migrazione. La transumanza annuale di oltre 2,5 milioni di animali, tra gnu e zebre, offre uno degli spettacoli più sbalorditivi della natura e rimane la più grande migrazione di mammiferi della terra.

Witness Journal 35: in copertina il mio reportage sui Mondiali di calcio!

I Mondiali a casa. Il mio reportage sui Mondiali di calcio 2010 giocati per la prima volta nel continente africano è sul numero 35 di Witness Journal.

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