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Manfrotto School of Xcellence: London, 2 December: a photograph at auction for fund-raising.

London, 2 December: a photograph at auction for fund-raising.
Photography and social commitment.

This photograph, taken more than one year ago with an iPhone in a village in Malawi, is among the winners of an International contest: CreativeHive. From 29 November to 3 December it will be exhibited in London, at The Gallery on the Corner, Battersea Park, and auctioned on 2 December to raise money for Kids Company, a humanitarian association dealing with the supply of an educational support to the most helpless children in the city of London.
This recent award and the fact of being a member of Shoot 4 Change, a nonprofit Italian organization made up of photographers, designers and artists socially engaged with photography, offered me the possibility to think about photography and social commitment.
My iPhone follows me everywhere, has allowed me to tell stories during my life in Africa, has granted me to take photographs without being considered a photo-reporter and to communicate with the rest of the world through the social networks.
The impact of these technologies on photography is incredible and recent events in northern Africa have proved that, but there is another very interesting point of view an image could and maybe should aim at: social commitment.
A shot with a Smartphone is possible for everyone, uploading it to one’s contacts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ is easy as well, however how many of us have ever thought that one of our own photographs can contribute to change things? I think only a few.
The purpose of a photograph can exceed the perfection of an excellent shot to aim  higher and reach some goals.
Over the years I have learned that, most of the time, the stories to tell are right before our eyes, in our everyday-life. It is right when you start looking at this everyday-life with unconcerned and new eyes that you take the shot that tells and makes a difference. You need time to be familiar with the reality around us, together with a bit of distancing effect that makes reality look clearer and sharper. This is what happened to me in Africa with the picture of Annette.

Manfrotto School of Xcellence

dicembre: 2022
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